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Frequently Asked Questions
about the QuickBooks Rescue Kit



Exactly, what does the QuickBooks Rescue Kit include, and how can I access them?






The QuickBooks Rescue Kit includes:







A 6-page PDF file outlining all the steps (with supporting short explanations and screenshots) on how to:







·          Record bills payments using “Cash” and “Accrual” methods

·          Enter sales transactions using “Sales Receipts” and “Invoice” methods; and

·          Record customer payments and deposits using “Receive Payment” and “Make Deposit” methods.



A QuickBooks add on program that will generate automatic reminders for tax deadlines and routine government reporting requirements.






A 12-page questionnaire (in PDF format) containing 25 multiple-choice questions to help you evaluate a prospective employee’s accounting knowledge and QuickBooks skills.





Once your payment is approved, you’ll be shown the download page where you can speedily download all the components of the QuickBooks Rescue Kit.





Will the “3-Step Picture Guide for Using QuickBooks Effectively” really help me get started with QuickBooks easily and quickly?




Yes, it surely will. The accompanying screen shots make it even easier to learn the procedure. Simply open the relevant menu in your QuickBooks application, and then follow the step-by-step instructions in the picture guide. Important notes and tips are also included where necessary.





What are the types of taxes and reports covered in the “Tax Guardian?”




The “Tax Guardian” includes a comprehensive list of deadlines for filing tax returns and other routine financial reports required by the IRS, including




·          Sales Tax

·          State Tax

·          Payroll Tax

·          Corporate Tax (1120)

·          Tangible Tax

·          Personal Tax (1040)

·          Payroll Tax (941/940/W2)

·          1099 Reporting

·          W-2 Reporting





Are the tax deadlines and reminders industry specific?




No, tax deadlines and government reporting requirements included in the “Tax Guardian” are generally applicable to all businesses and individuals across the United States.





How do I install the “Tax Guardian” and integrate it with QuickBooks?




Installing and integrating the “Tax Guardian” with QuickBooks is easy and straightforward. Simply download the program, right-click on the downloaded file, and then choose “Open” to run the program. Then follow the instructions that pop up as you proceed with the installation and integration.




In case you need help, we provide free installation support by phone or email. Simply call us at (561) 683-3497, or contact us at support@quickbooksrescuekit.com. Free installation support is available in all 50 States.



What are the minimum System Requirements for the “Tax Guardian?”




·          Minimum CPU required: 286

·          Minimum memory required: 1 MB

·          Minimum hard disk space required: 8 KB

·          Operating system version: Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/2000/ME/XP




Will the “Tax Guardian” really work, as promised?




Yes, we guarantee that the “Tax Guardian” will really help you stay on top of upcoming tax deadlines and reporting requirements. If you feel the “Tax Guardian” isn’t living up to your expectations, simply email or call us within 30 days of your purchase, and you’ll receive a full, courteous refund. However, you’ll need to uninstall the program to get a refund.





How did we create the “Employment Guardian” pre-employment test?




We used the "American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers" (AIPB) test as reference. Then we modified the questions to make them applicable for QuickBooks. The test questions follow the accrual method.





What are the different sections of the “Employment Guardian” pre-employment test?



The 25 multiple-choice questions are divided as follows:


·          General Test – 10 Questions

·          Payroll Section - 5 Questions

·          Inventory Section – 5 Questions

·          Job-Costing Section – 5 Questions



Is the answer key to the “Employment Guardian” pre-employment test included?




Yes, to assist you with the evaluation and training process, you’ll also receive the answer key to the Employment Guardian pre-employment test. In it, each choice is explained briefly why it is right or wrong.





Will “Employment Guardian” really help me select the right QuickBooks bookkeeper?




Certainly. We carefully selected the questions to satisfactorily test and evaluate the accounting knowledge and QuickBooks skills of a prospective employee.

If you have any more questions not covered above, simply email us at support@quickbooksrescuekit.com The QuickBooks Rescue Kit will Rescue You from the QuickBooks Quicksand

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